What happened to those traffic reports?

During our first few years of operation, monthly traffic reports were made available to all partners, comparing each partner’s monthly sales. The reports were an important motivating tool while we were in our teething stage. Now that we are halfway into our fifth year, we think the time and effort required to present that information can more effectively be used on other projects. While there will be no more traffic reports, partners will be provided with quarterly reports providing an overview of the network’s performance.

The Squeeze – First Quarter Report

If you’ve taken a hit because of US economic woes, you’re not alone. Here’s how Balloon Planet performed during the first quarter.

• Sales in January 2008 equaled sales in January 2007.

• Sales in February 2008 exceeded sales in February 2008 by 14%.

• Sales in March 2008 were down 17% compared to March 2007.

• Sales for the first quarter of 2008 equaled the first quarter of 2007.

• Corporate event sales decreased substantially for the period.

• Individual bouquet sales soared 36% for the period.