We’re Glad For Grads

Graduation bouquets

Graduations across the USA begin in earnest next week. Graduation season is second only to Valentine’s season in bouquet revenue. If you have not placed your orders with Rainbow or Loftus, do it now! Click here for product numbers (may require your standard partner login).

OK partners, should we cluck?

Singing chicken birthday balloon

Read the message and listen to the song, and I think you’ll agree that Balloon Planet must offer this balloon. It becomes available at the end of April. Use this article’s comment feature to let us know what you think. And keep on cluckin’.

Testing Foil Flower Power


Customers often request Geo Blossoms for hospital deliveries, but latex restrictions make this impossible. We now have balloon floral options that fill this gap. For the next few months we will be testing the popularity of the mylar flower bouquets pictured here. These new flower mylar shapes are not required inventory. We will ship them to partners as they are ordered. If you would like to stock them on your own, they are available from both Rainbow and Loftus. Product numbers are as follows:

• Yellow Hibiscus, Betallic B1-5651

• Pink Hibiscus, Qualatex Q1-1811

• Red Zinnia, Qualatex Q6-0903

• Orange Zinnia, Qualatex Q6-7058

• Goldenrod Zinnia, Qualatex Q6-7060

Mylar Flower Bouquet