TV Time – The Unpoppables

Many of you know Addi Somehk, balloon hat creator extraordinaire. And if you don’t, you’ll enjoy visiting his web site, Without a doubt, Addi and his traveling companion/photographer, Charlie Eckert, have taken balloons to more exotic places than anyone else on the planet. Even if you’re not a twister, this site will leave you amazed and smiling.

Now Addi has teamed up with Brian Asman and Katie Lalbstain  to bring us The Unpoppables, premiering February 7th on The Learning Channel. Each episode has the team transforming a plain venue into a balloon wonderland. Trailers can be viewed now on the TLC web site. Congratulations Addi, and thank you for introducing even more people to balloons. This looks like a hit!

California Balloon Ban Update No 3

On Friday, May 30, the California Senate passed the ban on foil balloons. Enactment of the ban will become effective in January 2010 if the bill passes in the California Assembly. If you sell balloons in California, it is time to put more muscle in your hustle. Communicate with your Assembly representative now!