TV Time – The Unpoppables

Many of you know Addi Somehk, balloon hat creator extraordinaire. And if you don’t, you’ll enjoy visiting his web site, Without a doubt, Addi and his traveling companion/photographer, Charlie Eckert, have taken balloons to more exotic places than anyone else on the planet. Even if you’re not a twister, this site will leave you amazed and smiling.

Now Addi has teamed up with Brian Asman and Katie Lalbstain  to bring us The Unpoppables, premiering February 7th on The Learning Channel. Each episode has the team transforming a plain venue into a balloon wonderland. Trailers can be viewed now on the TLC web site. Congratulations Addi, and thank you for introducing even more people to balloons. This looks like a hit!

Groovy balloons are here!

In answer to strong customer demand, Qualatex has produced two balloons celebrating the psychedelic 60’s. And the designs are fantastic! They have been posted on the web site and are available with 5 business days notice. They will become required inventory for USA Zones 3 and 4 partners on November 1, 2010, when they will become available for same-day ordering. Please refer to your online inventory guide for product numbers and distributor pricing. You are a Zone 3 or 4 partner if you see these balloons in the guide section titled (1.08) Mylar Misc Occasion 18in.


Lots and lots of Big Dots!

On Monday, June 21, 2010 Balloon Planet introduces Big Polka Dot balloons in most USA locations and Toronto, Canada. These new balloons are offered in the 16-inch jumbo size in bright rainbow Jewel Tones and tropical pastels.dots2

The Heart of Saigon

Ba bang! As I was vacationing in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam last week I came across this perfect example of a walk-thru heart with a snappy Asian flair, nicely framed by a reception line. Coincidentally the Riverside Hotel is adjacent to the hotel where I was staying, so it was easy to get a close look at the structure.

Each of the heart’s clusters were constructed with 12-inch latex hearts and the garland was attached to a metal frame supported by base plates. The structure was also secured to two wall lights behind the heart.

If you’re reading this from Saigon and know who’s creation this might be, please let us know. Great job!