Halloween Balloon Decorating

Balloon ghosts, spiders, and garlands will quickly transform just about any space. The images below show how these elements were used to decorate  buildings on a corporate campus near Seattle.

New Balloon Drop Kits

Silver Rainbow, a California developer of innovative balloon equipment, has introduced a new line of pre-strung balloon drop kits that are ideal for do-it-yourself customers and professional use. The innovative feature that sets these kits apart from the competition is a pair of rigid loops which give the net a cylindrical shape, almost right out of the box. As you can see from the first photo, this pretty much eliminates the questions “How do we set this up and is it going to work?”

The system, known as the BOSS EZ SYSTEM, is available in three sizes:

BOSS 500 holds 500 9in or 250 11in balloons ($50)
BOSS 1000 holds 1,000 9in or 500 11in balloons ($60)
BOSS 2000 holds 2,000 9in or 1,000 11in balloons ($108)

Loops are plastic-covered spring steel.
Nets are 4 1/2 feet in diameter.
Rip-cord is 75 feet long and pre-strung through the net.
Rigging lines are pre-attached.
Each kit is reusable and collapses to fold and fit into a storage bag (included).

If you think you may be in the market for this product, you can motivate our distributors to bring in the line by sending a message to Susan at Loftus or Jason at Rainbow Balloons (not related to Silver Rainbow) and let them know the quantity and sizes you would be interested in.


If you have product questions, or would like to learn more about other Silver Rainbow products, the company can be reached at 510-582-2335. 

Once the net is full, zip the flap closed.

Once the net is full, zip the flap closed.

A net designed for outdoor balloon drops.

A net designed for outdoor balloon drops.

The net is easy to suspend in grand open spaces.

The net is easy to suspend in grand open spaces.

Are you ready for the baby?

The first day of summer is just about here — Monday, June 21st. The date marks the beginning of the biggest inventory change in our history, affecting all partners. We’re counting on you to be ready. You can preview all of the balloons required for your Balloon Planet operations by logging into your account and navigating through the INVENTORY tab. baby

Balloons Over Syracuse

Syracuse. Home of Syracuse University, warm summers, amazing fall colors, wonderland winters, and Balloons Over Syracuse. If you’re looking for all the good things Upstate New York has to offer, there’s an opportunity waiting for you in this economic and education hub of Central New York. Our partner Joe Walker, owner and founder of Balloons Over Syracuse, is ready to pass the torch and sell his 32-year old business — an institution in the Syracuse community. With tons of good will and a long successful history, Balloons Over Syracuse is a unique opportunity for the right buyer. You can reach Joe at his Syracuse office by phone (315-637-4551) or email (balloonsyr@aol.com).

Ready for the Holidays!

It’s Christmas at BalloonPlanet.com. The site has been tricked out with electronic snow to compliment a new accordion home page banner, and new holiday balloons have been added in several shopping categories.

Holiday centerpieces featuring taper, ornament, curve, and starpoint foil balloons can be found in the Holiday Centerpieces section.

A wide selection of individual holiday shapes can be found in the Create a Bouquet section.

And unique holiday bouquets can be found in the Christmas Send a Bouquet section.

Happy holidays!


The recently introduced Qualatex® taper foil balloons offer unique decorating options for events throughout the year. Shown below are Starburst sculptures, each created by connecting twelve (more or less) 38in tapers. Each Starburst measures five feet in diameter. In the USA, professional installers typically charge $150 for a 12-balloon Starburst, plus a 20% installation fee.

The 38in taper balloon can be air-filled for extended displays, or helium-filled for events lasting less than a few days. Smaller taper balloons are available in 13in and 27in lengths and are intended to be air-filled, then suspended. Contact your local distributor for color and size availability.


Polka Dot Balloons

Balloon Planet now offers Polka Dot 16-inch latex balloons in both Jewel Tone and Pastel assortments with same-day service in many major US cities. With 5 business days notice they are available nation-wide, where Balloon Planet offers service.