Zippity Do Da!

A new tool has been added to the web site which registers and records zip code searches on As a Balloon Planet partner, the next time you visit your online account zip code directory you will see zip codes being searched for service in your region that we show as not being served.  You have the option of adding these to your service area or ignoring them. Below is a snapshot of our Houston partner’s zip code page showing a list of six zip codes recently searched that are not served. Some of these zip codes may be too distant to serve, but others may have just been overlooked. This feature also collects data for partners outside the USA, in countries using postal codes and pin codes.


Balloon Umbrellas

Balloon Umbrellas, also known as Table Canopies, are a new addition to the decor section of the web site. They are also included in our illustration showing various balloon arrangement configurations, located within the site’s yellow navigation tab titled PLAIN BALLOONS (look for the term Configurations).


How’s that logo?

The foundation of a company’s brand is it’s logo. A great logo is bold, uncluttered, and a source of pride for the officers and staff of a company. Below are three excellent examples from our partners in Toronto, Los Angeles, and Phoenix. If you’re in need of a logo makeover, enlist the services of a professional — and consider it a great investment.partner-logos

Groovy balloons are here!

In answer to strong customer demand, Qualatex has produced two balloons celebrating the psychedelic 60’s. And the designs are fantastic! They have been posted on the web site and are available with 5 business days notice. They will become required inventory for USA Zones 3 and 4 partners on November 1, 2010, when they will become available for same-day ordering. Please refer to your online inventory guide for product numbers and distributor pricing. You are a Zone 3 or 4 partner if you see these balloons in the guide section titled (1.08) Mylar Misc Occasion 18in.


Halloween Balloon Decorating

Balloon ghosts, spiders, and garlands will quickly transform just about any space. The images below show how these elements were used to decorate  buildings on a corporate campus near Seattle.

New Balloon Drop Kits

Silver Rainbow, a California developer of innovative balloon equipment, has introduced a new line of pre-strung balloon drop kits that are ideal for do-it-yourself customers and professional use. The innovative feature that sets these kits apart from the competition is a pair of rigid loops which give the net a cylindrical shape, almost right out of the box. As you can see from the first photo, this pretty much eliminates the questions “How do we set this up and is it going to work?”

The system, known as the BOSS EZ SYSTEM, is available in three sizes:

BOSS 500 holds 500 9in or 250 11in balloons ($50)
BOSS 1000 holds 1,000 9in or 500 11in balloons ($60)
BOSS 2000 holds 2,000 9in or 1,000 11in balloons ($108)

Loops are plastic-covered spring steel.
Nets are 4 1/2 feet in diameter.
Rip-cord is 75 feet long and pre-strung through the net.
Rigging lines are pre-attached.
Each kit is reusable and collapses to fold and fit into a storage bag (included).

If you think you may be in the market for this product, you can motivate our distributors to bring in the line by sending a message to Susan at Loftus or Jason at Rainbow Balloons (not related to Silver Rainbow) and let them know the quantity and sizes you would be interested in.

If you have product questions, or would like to learn more about other Silver Rainbow products, the company can be reached at 510-582-2335. 

Once the net is full, zip the flap closed.

Once the net is full, zip the flap closed.

A net designed for outdoor balloon drops.

A net designed for outdoor balloon drops.

The net is easy to suspend in grand open spaces.

The net is easy to suspend in grand open spaces.

Lots and lots of Big Dots!

On Monday, June 21, 2010 Balloon Planet introduces Big Polka Dot balloons in most USA locations and Toronto, Canada. These new balloons are offered in the 16-inch jumbo size in bright rainbow Jewel Tones and tropical pastels.dots2