Valentine’s Day Balloon Bouquets

Valentines Day 2016

Valentine’s Day will be celebrated on a Sunday this year. This means that Lovebirds around the country will be enjoying the entire day together (if they so choose or dare). Get the party started early with a mid-week balloon bouquet delivery.

Valentine’s Day balloon arrangements draw from a variety of themes and many include the ever popular and cheeky Love Monkey. For younger hearts, we’ve added Elsa, Anna, and Olaf from Frozen and the Elmo Airwalker. As always, Balloon Planet is proud to offer the world’s best balloons for your custom arrangement. Create your own bouquet for Valentine’s Day with balloons from our Create a Bouquet department.

Place your order today for a delivery the week leading to Valentine’s Day and save $10 using the promo code VDAY10. This discount applies only to Valentines-themed balloons and bouquets. This promotion ends on Thursday, February 11th, 2016. Order today!

Halloween Balloon Bouquets


Spiders, cats, ghosts, witches, and bats. We’ve got a variety of Halloween balloons for your event this month. View a full listing of the balloon bouquets available including single Halloween balloons to create your own bouquet.

Place your order today for a delivery on October 31st, 2015 and save $10 using the promo code SPOOKY10. This discount applies only to Halloween-themed balloons and bouquets. This promotion ends on Friday, October 23rd, 2015, so order today!

April 2014 Inventory Updates



When a Superman mylar shape is ordered, partners are free to use the shape from 2013 or this new 2014 shape.


When a Superman Happy Birthday mylar is ordered, partners are free to use the design from 2013 or this new 2014 design.


The design from 2013 has been discontinued by the manufacturer. We have selected this specific new design as a replacement because it is ideal for both genders and comes closer than any other design to resembling the 2013 design. Please use the original design from 2013 or this new replacement.


This design has been discontinued by Betallic but remains in stock, and should be available through 2014. Rainbow and Loftus have committed to carrying this balloon as long as stock remains available from Betallic. US partners should rely on Rainbow and Loftus when other suppliers run out.


This has always been a tricky balloon to keep in stock because of it’s limited life span. Consequently, partners are free to use any Class of 2014 design that they are able to procure. This balloon is being sold as an add-on only. Once you run out, please let us know so we can disable this selection in your account.


Love The Big Red

In Zones where 3ft latex balloons are sold (USA 3 and 4, plus Toronto), Balloon Planet now offers Big Red, a 3ft Ruby Red latex balloon, anchored with a Silver hand-crafted foil weight, to which a helium-filled Valentine’s heart mylar is anchored. A separate gift bag, tied to the weight, includes 1lb of Hersey Kisses. Red satin acetate ribbon is used for a bow and streamers attached to the balloon. Total height of this display is 5-6 feet.


Clarification for Valentine Bubble Balloons

I apologize for any confusion related to our Valentine’s Bubble Balloons. These Bubble rules should clear things up.

1. The three Bubble Balloons in the top row are interchangeable with each other. Do not use any other Bubble Balloon designs in their place.

2. The three Bubble Balloons in the bottom row are not interchangeable and cannot be substituted with each other or any alternate design.