Ready for the Holidays!

It’s Christmas at The site has been tricked out with electronic snow to compliment a new accordion home page banner, and new holiday balloons have been added in several shopping categories.

Holiday centerpieces featuring taper, ornament, curve, and starpoint foil balloons can be found in the Holiday Centerpieces section.

A wide selection of individual holiday shapes can be found in the Create a Bouquet section.

And unique holiday bouquets can be found in the Christmas Send a Bouquet section.

Happy holidays!

One thought on “Ready for the Holidays!

  1. Just a note to say thank you! My grandson was burned badly 2 weeks ago, and you delivered a bunch of balloons to his room. He actually had his Mom phone us so he could say thank you – despite the pain and despite how woozy he was from the morphine. He still has them, and we plan to keep refilling them with helium for as long as they will last. Thank you for being there for us! He is home and better.

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